The Birds of Borneo

Birding Destinations in Sabah

From magnificent eagle to elegant trogons, Sabah is home to many astonishing birds. Borneo is home to beautiful endemic birds such as Blue-banded pitta, Bornean banded kingfisher, Scarlet-rumped trogon and many more! Discover them in their natural habitats as you explore the rainforests of Borneo.

Likas Wetland

Start easy with a lively variety of shorebirds & garden birds. One can easily spot 20-30 species in just 2-3 hours. Common birds like egrets, herons, bitterns, eagles, sunbirds, dove & pigeons just to name a few

Mountain barbet, Bornean barbet, Borneon bulbul, Bornean leafbird and Cinereous bulbul are on the top 5 list of must-see lists that found nowhere else on you trip. Avariety of montane species can also be found here
Kinabalu Park

More than half of Borneo's 59 endemic species are found here, making this destination an absolute must! Be on the search for the Whitehead's Trio- Whitebird' trogon, Whitehead's broadbill & Whitehead's spiderhunter. Some favourites include the Fruithunter & ever-elusive Everett's Trush

Poring Hot Springs

Sitting east of the Kinabalu Park area at only 500m above sea level, be on the lookout for Gold-whiskered barbets (Gold-face barbet), Scaly-breasted bulbuls, Crested jays & Waterfall swifts. These are just some of the species greats to compare with their lowland counterparts

Rainforest Discovery Centre

A wide variety of lowland bird species can be found here. Come fruiting season, there'll be plenty of bulbuls & barbets. Bristleheads will still be the main target. Keep your eyes open for pittas, hornbills, trogons, broadbills, woodpeckers, kingfishers, sunbirds & spiderhunters.

Sukau, Kinabatangan

The Bornean ground-cuckoo is THE iconic bird found here as well as the globally endangered Storm's stork. Bristleheads will also make its presence known here. Also be on the lookout for pittas, hornbills, trogons, kingfishers, flycatchers, bulbuls, babblers & owls


Witness the bat exodus as they leave the Gomantong Caves. Raptors like Bathawk, Wallace's hawk-eagle, Crested-serpent eagle & Brahminy kites are commonly sighted here


Pittas seem to be easily seen here, more frequently than any other place. Density of birds are high. One can easily see about 60 species in a day's sighting. This is the best place to try your luck at spotting the critically endangered Helmeted hornbill

Danum Valley

Large variety of Bristleheads can be found here. Be on the lookout for the Great argus, pittas & frogmouths here. Special appearance by the Jambu Fruit-Dove makes it presence known during the fruiting season. Wren-babblers, bulbuls and babblers are aplenty

The Birds of Borneo

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